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The More I Think, The More I Laugh!
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From DynamicDigiTech - The leader in digital equipment - you are invited to Test the brand new Cyber-Camera ML5000. This beta version of a Technological Breakthrough will enable you to take a picture of yourself just sitting in front of your computer! Have fun!

[Misrocoft Magic Cyber 'Camera']
How to take your picture:
  • Sit in front of your monitor.
  • Look directly into the activated object.
  • Push "Take Photo" - below with your cursor/mouse.
  • Don't forget to smile at the "camera."

  • Because this is a beta-version (trial version) you won't see any change of the "camera." But the picture will be shot the very sec. you activate the button!
    Click TAKE PHOTO when ready!

    Don't move, while the "camera" is working, but look at the twinkling spots in the lens.