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PUFFUN.COM is very pleased to present you the World's Premiere of...

Snow White and the seven dwarfs

The Snow White Enigma !

Snow white, a beautiful young girl, lives with seven dwarfs in the forest. They leave home every morning to work in the mine. Snow White is hated by the Queen who wants to be the most beautiful of all. This one disguises herself into an old witch and makes Snow White bites into a poisoned apple. The young girl dies and only the kiss of a charming prince will revive her.

The Enigma :

This famous fairy tale from the Grimm brothers is hiding another one that has disappeared for several centuries but we have just discovered it. In fact, it's an initiation and a symbolic fairy tale that was transmitted orally from generation to generation within the rich families of Europe in the Middle Age era. Every character and every situation are as many clues that lead to the discovery of a precious treasure personified by Snow White, but hidden to the simple layman under the form of an enigma. A true treasure awaited those who were able to solve the enigma. If you are perspicacious, patient and very disciplined, this same treasure is awaiting you today.

Some Clues :

1. Snow White personifies the treasure.

2. The witch is the messenger of an illusion.

3. The apple is that illusion.

4. The Snow White' sleep is the situation of the non-iniated layman.

5. The seven dwarfs represent the seven precious rocks of the treasure.

6. The mine is the road leading to the treasure.

7. You are the prince searching for the treasure

8. The kiss is the key to the enigma.

What is this Precious Treasure ?

According to our research team, 99% of people are unable to solve the enigma. Are you a part of the 1% of those who can ? Have courage and above all, NEVER GIVE UP !

If by dint of racking your brains, you can't find any sleep, here is a simple trick :

Enter your friend's email:

Now go back to sleep waiting for your friend's answer.
It's your friend's turn to loose his sleep over it.

Date of the English publication of the Enigma on the web : November 7, 2005

Falling date of the solution : Seven Day of the Seven Month of the Year...

In fact, we still need a bit of time to finish unraveling all the clues and present you with the final solution.

Snow White's Awakening !!!

Snow White's Awakening !

Until then, we salute all of those who work their brains off in the search of the solution. Visit our Guestbook and let us know what you have found so far.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Complete Text of the Grimm's Fairy Tale in English

The Snow White's Enigma Solution


Montreal, on Saturday, the Seven Day of the Seven Month of the Year 2007,
at 7 hours, 7 minutes, 7 secondes and 7 dusts.

Puffun.com is the Exclusive Author of Snow White Enigma (  All content is copyrighted and not to be reproduced in any form without prior, written consent ).

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